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Czerny Op 740 #41, 2 Versions

One of the shortest studies in the collection, #41 is nearly ready-made as a one-pager, and as a useful LH study it pairs well with several of the collection’s RH studies.

Op 740 #41, 1st Version: 2/4 with LH in continuous triplets, 8 sets of 8

This is my performance of my one-pager arrangement of #41. I shape Czerny’s material into a binary structure: mm 1-8 with a repeat for an A section, mm 9-20 for a B section, and a repeat of mm 17-20 to square off the phrase and close with a final cadence in the tonic.

I found the LH of #41 relatively easy, and once I’d mastered my own one-pager I was able to project the LH with speed and power, and that prompted me to make a very useful 6/8 (3/4) arrangement.

Op 740 #41, 2nd Version: big, declamatory 6/8 with continuous LH 16ths, 8 sets of 8

This is my performance of my 1st Version of #41 recast in 6/8, for which I provide a score. Czerny’s original two triplet figure on each beat of 2/4 strongly resists being heard as six 16th’s on each beat of 6/8, so I’ve rewritten Czerny’s RH to declaim the meter “irresistibly.” Also, a striking touch in Czerny’s LH is the way he has it climb up into the treble staff mm 13-15, but for this arrangement I want to keep the dark drama going, so I have each step of the sequence place the LH lower instead of higher. I want a big sound so I double the LH strong beats at the 8va.

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