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Czerny Op 740 #34, Single Version

I think if you’re not careful you can injure yourself trying to get #34 to Czerny’s metronome marking, and the very slight music makes little impression unless presented at least near Czerny’s speed. Personally I have no ambition to be able to play trills in thirds with RH 2-4, 3-5, and while slow practice of that technique may have value, for me it’s useless for class.

On the other hand, early on I made a one-pager that I can play quite fast and which works well in class, and it has some technical usefulness.

Op 740 #34, Single Version: Piques music, 16 sets of 8

This is my performance of #34 abridged and simplified. I supply a score in which it will be seen that my chief intervention was to eliminate Czerny’s RH downbeat, allowing the thirds to be fingered 1-3, 2-4. I also spruced up the LH material, and that has a bearing on the tempo: the more interesting you can make the LH the less noticeable a slower tempo will be. For the sake of length I repeat my arrangement in a new key and with variation in the B section.

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