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Czerny Op 740 #32, Single Version

Don’t take the repeat at m 8, insert a bar between m 15 and m 16, fashion a grand cadence at Czerny’s m 31, and #32 neatly resolves into a four-square ternary piece full of excitement and color. Riisager’s arrangement comes in the section of Etudes “Exercises a la barre,” and you can follow Harold Lander’s lead and play it for barre, but I love playing it for centre tendus with successive lines moving continuously downstage. My tempo takes the quarter @85 and I would never dream of following Czerny’s double-forte directions until the very end; I play it all at a sneaky pianissimo-piano until the triumphant return of the A section. That theatricality (sneaky pianissimo, triumphant fortissimo return) is a good reason for using the piece for center rather than barre where such theatrics can come off as rather absurd.

Op 740 #32, Single Version: Centre Practice Tendus, 16 sets of 8

This is my performance of Czerny’s mm 1-31 following the recipe proposed above.

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