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Czerny Op 740 #25, Single Version

This study well exemplifies the “working” hand/ “supporting” hand contrast in Czerny’s compositional process. You can project it lightly and fleetingly with the LH discreetly hushed and the RH scales pedalled in and out of focus, but for me the material works far better if taken very energetically with the LH filled out with much more rhythmic and harmonic substance.

The first 16 bars resolve into a convenient one-pager and is technically quite easy, at least with the quarter @135-150. But as a one-pager it’s so short it needs to be repeated at least once, and that gave me the idea of doing a “trading places,” “alternating hands” version (see #2, #5, #21).

Op 740 #25 Single Version: playful galop, 16 sets of 8

This is my performance of a one-pager of #25 with hands alternating between “working” and “supporting.” I supply a score.

Op 740 #25 Single Version Score

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