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Czerny Op 740 #1, Single Version

This humble study seems almost a parody of the dexterity program: “Start by drumming your fingers.” Given the sophistication of the ensuing studies and the great increase of difficulty immediately to follow (#2, #3, #4...) I think Czerny does intend a kind of ironic comment on the launch of the collection.

Ironic or not, #1 is very useful for an accompanist. Its value for me is that there’s material for both hands, and its meandering length can easily be whittled down to a compact technical exercise that will serve as convenient practice during class if not the most inspired accompaniment for the dancers. I try to project a robust rhythm and emphasize the lightness and color to make up for the naivete of the material.

Op 740 #1, Single Version: 4/4 drumming 16ths exercise, 8 sets of 8

This is my performance of #1 whittled into short finger exercise. I provide a score in which you can see that I’ve used less than a quarter of Czerny’s material.

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