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Czerny op 335 #9, 3 versions

The part-writing of #9, even though often in 5 voices, is less dense and rigorous than that of #5. This is a demanding study in voicing, but you can also take it as a wistful little song in the soprano with the lower voices in quiet homophonic support. What mild counterpoint occurs (eg mm 10 and 12) need not be made too much of.

Op 335 #9, 1st version: 2/4 Andante Cantabile, 8 sets of 8-count phrases

This is a performance of Czerny’s study as written.

Op 335 #9, 2nd Version: Light Mazurka, 8 sets of 8-count phrases

This is a performance of #9 reimagined as a mazurka. It wasn’t difficult to develop some of Czerny’s lower voices for contrapuntal effects. I supply a score.

Op 335 #9, 3rd Version: Light Mazurka with counter melody, 8 sets of 8-count phrases

This is a performance of my 2nd Version at a quicker tempo and with enhancements, using DAW software to enrich the harmony, place voices in higher and lower registers, and introduce a strong counter-melody in the repeats.

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