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Czerny Op 335 #42, Single Version

One of the aims of my arrangements is to put Czerny’s more difficult studies within my technical reach so that I have the benefit of at least some of his teaching, but especially so that I have the pleasure of playing his charming music. This study in double-note scales and skips for both hands is a good example of Czerny at his (for me) most difficult and also most charming (those snappy trumpets in mm 5 and 6).

Op 335 #42, Single Version: light quick march, 16 sets of 8-count phrases

This is my performance of my simplified version of #42, for which I supply a score. My simplification entails the drastic reduction of the LH thirds. I also rewrote Czerny’s B section to strengthen the architecture by recalling the trumpets of his A section, mm 5-6.

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