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Czerny op 335 #40, Single Version

If you can master this very difficult and fiercely beautiful wild ride you’ll want to save it for a recital; in a ballet class it’s more likely to bring down the house than support a combination. But there are many ways of simplifying the material and fashioning a piece that preserves at least some of its beauty and serves the fierceness of, say, a grand battement combination.

Op 335 #40, Single Version: Big 12/8 march, 8 sets of 8-count phrases

This is my performance of #40 in a simplified arrangement, for which I provide a score. I used only 15 measures of Czerny’s piece. I rewrote his repeated-chord accompaniment as declamatory dotted quarters to mark the accents of a typical grand battement combination, and I greatly simplified the LH, particularly avoiding consecutive octaves.

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