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Czerny Op 335 #24, Single Version

Czerny’s tempo and dotted rhythm make this an amiable walking song, and I wouldn’t want to play it any other way for ballet class. The ternary structure is interesting: Czerny inserts a tiny cadenza before the turnaround in the B section, and recapitulates the A section in a chordal variation. The main difficulty is observing Czerny’s spelled-out tied voicings. For an accompanist, the single mandatory decision is chosing which measure to cut in the B section: one measure of cadenza or the turnaround measure (m 17).

Op 335 #24, Single Version: 2-voice walking song, 8 sets of 8-count phrases

This is my performance of my arrangement of #24, for which I provide a score. I cut m 16 and simplifed the cadenza. I also chose to repeat the A section literally, changing only the harmony of the last two measures so as to end in the tonic.

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